Saturday, 3 January, 2009

School Reunion

We have this group of friends who have barely managed to hold onto each other since school. In this group most of us know each other since we were three years old. While in school we were not necessarily best of friends, but over the years somehow the bond strenghtened. I remember the first time we had consciously gone out as a group must have been when we were in class vi or vii during pujo. The regular meeting point was Anondomela in Gariahat. Oveer the years the group had been really fluid, people came and left depending on their convinience. During the school years the strenght would be twenty odd, after school the number lessened and came down to thirteen/ fourteen. After school, we became much more regular in meeting, we would meet in someone's house, spend the whole day together, pull each others' legs and have a lot of fun.

Then a time came for dispersal, some friends left Kolkata, me included, some got married and some got busy with careers. Our meetings decreased substantially. Even though not meeting regularly, some of us would be constantly in touch, while the rest would be intermittently in touch. Some would just read the emails but never reply back. Some of us would meet when possible. In the meantime most of us got married and settled down. Some we lost trace of, and are trying to establish contact.

Now thanks to orkut, most of us are back in touch. Lots of other school friends are also back in touch. Since this group was always fluid to begin with, chances of expanding this group always remains. But the old veterans always refer the old and restricted composition. These are the bunch of friends who we feel most comfortable with. You can just relax and be yourself and have loads of fun in the process.

Some of us met suddenly a few days back. It was like revisiting the good old school days.

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  1. well written. tobeh moneh hoi as a group first pujar shomoi berono hoyechilo in class 8 karon class 7-eh khali ami r jyotirmoy beriyechilam. tobeh eta amar gotokalo moneh hocchilo noi noi korreo 28 years hoye gello ei grouptar. ekta big 30 years celebration korleh darun hoi kintu. 25yrs ta tey toh kichui holo na.


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