Monday, 21 July, 2008

100 and still running....

Hey kind reader, do you know this is my hundredth post for this blog. Phew this blog and me along with it, have come a long way. Frankly when I started writing, I was not expecting a hundred runs. Impatient souls like me hardly stick on, but somehow along the way, I have got too much into writing.

Today I was chatting with my friend Muthu. She was telling me about her birthplace Croog and her Kodava identity. Though I had heard of Croog as the place to visit at least once in your lifetime and Kodavas in a vague sort of way (language and people), but that was the limit to my knowledge. Suddenly it struck me how I have such superficial views of most things/people in my life. I dont think I know much about any other group of people in India, other than the Bengalis. That too among the Bengalis it is those who hail from the west whom I know mostly about. I am related to the Bengalis from the east by rumours and myths.

The same applies for the people living in the rest of India. Mostly it is the stereotype that we get to know. The we come across someone from a region, on the basis of that one individual or family we create ideas about an entire group of people/community. Like for example whatever I know about Marathi Manush is very strongly linked to Jayshree, about UPites through Aparna and Monica; am sure the same applies for them when it comes to Bongs.

When we read about places/communities in books, blogs and magazines we get a very sketchy, second hand view. Then we meet them and suddenly our entire view changes and an awareness develops which is quiet startling. It is like another layer is added to our awareness and suddenly the fact that Marathis prepare sada bhat for their weddings is no longer information. You know. And for people like me this knowing is very important.

Am I making any sense? Never mind, this out musing out loud to celebrate my hundredth post.


  1. Congrats :)

    and i do agree, esp when you have a friend from a particular community it gets even interesting. you get the first hand view and everything starts to make sense :) Let me know if you want to know anything anything at all about Manglorean community :D

  2. Great century dear.....Congrats on the 100 and keep going for many more centuries. Won't let you live in peace otherwise. One technical snag though....I was not born in - I was conceived in Punjab and born in Bihar. Coorg can at best have a patriarchal claim on me and as for the matriarchal part, Kuttanad the rice bowl of Kerala has that claim......hahahahhahahahaa. And you my dear can claim me as not just a friend but bahu as well :)

  3. Hey, Isn't it amazing that as humans we are so different in our believes and morals, but so close in our DNA. Also isn't it AMAZING to discover new things about new people and other cultures. I spent 2 weeks in Kerala and loved meeting the local people. This is why I am in the travel industry. Happy posting Shumi..and by the you wont get rid of me...hehe

  4. hey sharanya, all i know about mangaloreans is that they make tasty fish :). am sure i will discover more from you.

  5. ok muthu from today i will call you bou which is bahu in bengali...:)

  6. jell am really j of ur career...wish i cld do something like whereall do you travel?

  7. Sure they do..but, i am a veggie :D


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