Wednesday, 9 July, 2008

Jaane Tu...Ya Almost Jaane Na...

Ok guys, I must tell you the story of Tuesday after I left office around 6 ish in the evening. Before leaving office, I had fixed up with my roomie to go for Jaane Tu...
I take an auto for a good bargain, thanking my lucky auto stars and get going. We planned to see the movie in PVR Plaza in CP.
Reach destination half an hour early, I hate being late for movies and missing the trailers and horror of all horrors the opening of the movie. Anyways, I reach into my bag to pull out my purse to pay the autowallah. Usually the purse is the first thing in my bag and my hand can find it easily enough. But this time, however much I try to find it, it is out of my reach. Ok time for a through search. No purse and the autowallah is making impatient noises. I call up my roomie, (who by the way is not rich, just noveau rich and is also my friend and is not supposed to see this movie cos she has promised the man of her life to see it with him) . She informs me that she has just left Noida and will take a good half an hour to reach. So in my most "I-am-a-helpless-girl-needing-your-help-most-urgently" voice, I tell the autowallah that I have left my purse behind and he will have to wait for ten minutes to get the money. He grumbles and I promise extra money as waiting charge. Imagine the potential of ten minutes waiting brings grumble, what half an hour waiting would do. I shudder even now to think about it. Add drama, the traffic cops who are always missing when needed, come just that minutes and my autowallah says he cant park there. But I guess my helplessness was communicated to him in waves, because he just turned the auto around and settled down for a long wait.
Some more frantic calls in between while I trace my purse, which is innocently lying on my desk in office and get it picked up by a very amused colleague for safe keeping. Roomie calls twenty minutes later to inform she is stuck in ITO, but there is a friend of hers somehwere between PVR Plaza and Castle Nine who can be my knight in shinning armour. I promptly call up this guy, who bless his soul comes and gives the autowallah his money and saves me from the wrath of the auto god. I am full of obligation, so in my gratitude I turn to him and declare "Oh thank you, you just saved my life, I cant tell you how grateful I am to you etc etc". This guy gets extremely embarrassed, mumbles a no problem and starts calling his friend or girl friend or someone. Oh great I have managed to embarrass the man who has just saved my life, so typical of me. I was just wondering what to do with myself next, when my room mate reaches and while I stand in the queue, she express her gratitude to her friend. I don't know if she paid this guy, will have to check. Anyways we realise while the movie starts at 7.10 p.m., the clock at the counter shows 7.13 p.m. Imagine missing the trailers!
Finally we buy the tickets, I can never get it why they have to keep just one window open at times like this. As I am about to dash inside, Anubha (the roomie, who else) says she is hungry and has no money, so needs to go and get some money. Wham and bham!!! But Anubha is capable of serious anger when she is hungry, so I could not dare to ask her to go hungry. I speed towards a SBI ATM, which obviously has a long queue, while I stand there, she trots (yes she trots, literally) to some other ATM. In the meanwhile my best friend (the Kolkata one, did I tell you I have two best friends-- one in Kolkata and the other in Delhi, sometimes I feel just like a bigamous man, but these two women share me amicably enough) called to say that she has finally read my blog and really loved it and she cant believe that I can write this well blah blah. Ohhhhh I love praises and this being heaped by a discerning reader (and a first class masters in English lit too boost) is all the better. I lovingly lap it up and almost purr, much to the amazement/bemusement of my fellow queue members. Ok I have scared my benefactor today, cant keep scaring men folk all the time ( no wonder I am single), so I quickly disconnect the call after making her promise to praise me some other time and dash out of the queue. Anubha arrives huffing and puffing, having withdrawn money from somewhere else. We enter, the lift is not working, so we go climbing. Plaza is housed in a beautiful old building with carved staircase and beautiful woodwork. All this barely register as we create new stair climbing record for ourselves. Phew...long queue for security check...the lady security is taking her time and doing a through job. We squiggle through it and dash inside. I was mentally ready to have missed the first ten minutes, but surprise. They had just started the ads, then came the trailers ( 1920 and Rock On) and finally the movie started 7.29 p.m. my mobile time.
The movie was good and funny. But I needed to pee big time, but no way am I going to miss any scene, so I settle myself firmly. We laughed and had fun, as much as you humanly can while valiantly withholding pee. The moment the narrators say "We need coffee"...Anubha and me, we dash out. In her hurry she almost runs over a five/six year old kid with a huge bucket of pop corn who was returning to the hall. Every time I think of the scene I keep laughing. Anyways, while tucking the scene into my brain for future laughter, I head straight to pee and she goes to get food. Post interval we settled down with nachos and pop corns and laughed at Naseeruddin and Ratna Pathak Shah. The should do more movies together, they are just hilarious and Salman Khan's two brothers.
Go guys see the movie, you will laugh.

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