Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Do You Know Why?

Why is it when you are running late in the morning time just flies by? I mean I see it is quarter to nine, I rush to take a bath, by the time I am ready 40 mins have flown by. I somehow topple down the stairs of our house, (which by the way has been nicknamed Kutub Minar cos it is so far up by irate friends) and check in office huffing and puffing, it is already 9.40 and am 10 mins late. On these occasions I feel like telling the clock to take a chill pill and go slow. Sadly it never ever listens to me and runs all proper and perfectly on time.
But when I sit in office desperate to get out and freverently wishing that clock would hurry up and get to 6, it never does. Why? Oh why? Then the clock starts running on IST (Indian Standard Time) taking it own sweet time much to all the chargin of all stuck in office. Specially the time post lunch moves so excruciatingly slow that on slow days I am ready to tear out my hair out of sheer frustration. And I am not the only one, everyone complains about this.
I want to complain to Time God on the unfairness of it all.

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