Wednesday, 23 July, 2008


Do you know the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this photograph? No, it wasn’t New York or Rio de Janeiro.
The first thing that comes to my mind is my life. In fact if you think about it, all our lives are a bit like this. Every minute, if not every moment, we are given numerous choices. Sadly this is not an ever so original thought of mine. I vaguely read something along this line long back in Richard Baach’s ‘One’. Some are simple ones like what will we be having for dinner, or which dress to buy, while some are earth shattering ones like what major to take for graduation or whether to shift cities and take up a job etc. If you are confused human being like me, I am sure this decision making process is really tough on you. Personally I hate decision-making, my frail nerves are just not made for that activity. If I had my way I would make my mom take all the decisions for me. But she, smart lady refuses. Hence I have to take decisions about my life.
Now once a decision is taken it is like setting off on the way to New York. No one guaranteed that the way is trouble free. In fact it never is, life for most part is like Wild West movie, sans drama, where there is danger lurking at every nook and cranny. For me I go by Murphy’s Law, which goes something like this—what can go wrong, will go wrong ( as far as I remember Murhphy was an army general and he was talking about battle field, but hit right on life as well, wise man). And hey Mrs Murphy has added her bit too. Check it out in the pic. Since I am a Libra, my brain is mostly ding dong—sometimes I am all Murphy or at worse times his wife and the rest when the sun shines or rain falls (this bit to clarify that I do not do photosynthesis for cheer) I am all cheerful and positive. Sometimes I think my destiny gets confused over me—they (God and my army of angels) cant actually figure me out—one day I am more positive than all the Feng Shui props put together and then there are days when I am down in doldrums, chained and sulking in Count Dracula’s (do you know Count Dracula was a harmless Hungarian count who never did any harm in his life, let alone suck blood?) castle.
Anyways to get back to the photographs with which I started, there is a saying that life is at crossroads. I say life is always in multiple crossings and a bit like TOEFL exam. Once you have selected your option, you cannot go back and undo it. You just have to jhello whatever you get cos of selecting that option.
Hmmm pretty heavy for early morning, isn’t it. Ok I stop, need my fix of coffee and am sure so do you if you have read so far.


  1. I dont like these crossroads we face. They make me very anxious. But I agree that sometimes you can be so high and then just as easily fall flat on the floor in despair. Just hold your head up but allow yourself to feel these bad days and live in them, but dont cradle them. Have a good one!!

  2. Yes I will, thanks for your wishes :)

  3. confuse me.Remember when we had the chat you said that you thrive on challenges.....aren't crossroads the biggest we face? So what say girl.....please clarify

  4. that is the general me, this is today what i a but of both...someone who thrives on challenges once big decisions are taken, but decisions are heart sore i tell you...sorry to get you all confused...libra me ding donging again :)

  5. Well now I know what to expect from Aarzoo if she brings on her Libra self. She is a cusp between Libra and Scorpio, I think I have mentioned this to you before. But thank you for being there and training me......for the future.

  6. urs to serve ma'am. well arzoo is going to be really spl when she grows up...libra and scorpio comi can be lethal :) but when she is donning her libra character never ever get confused if she vacilates between two oppo poor mom used to have a pretty tough day i wld love something, so next day she would be cooking that, and that day i wld hate it, hate it with a vengeance...and confuse my mom extremely...but she being a leo lady wld take these vacilations only for a day or two and then beat the hell out of me...always remember just cos a libra loves mango ice cream today there is no gaurantee that she/he would love it tom as well...libra soul hates discipline and regularity...u cant chain us or pin us down...hehehe...


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