Saturday, 26 July, 2008


Finally I cleaned my drawer and threw away all the chocolate and peanut wrappers and straightened my stationary and restocked it. If you look a bit closely some of my stuff has a sticker with my name stuck on it. This wierd thing is because in this great office of ours, people just go away with your stuff and never bother to return it. So one of my friends in office devised this method. She sticks a sticker of her name into everything-- office stationary, water bottles, coffee mugs, even her table, computer and chairs, leaving nothing to chance. Sometimes we joke she will stick a sticker on her forehead claiming to be Aparna's. But this sure helps, one day your stapler goes missing just when you need it most urgently, you ask around, everyone makes innocent faces and denies all knowledge. But then you go over to your colleague's desk and lo and behold your stapler with your name's sticker on is lying there. Since you name stares back both at you and your colleague, he/she cant argue. So you just retrive it, till the next time.
I copied her with great enthusiasm initially, but soon lost steam. Funniest was sticking pencils with stickers, because sooner or later they get depleted.


  1. i usually borrow..dont even want to try stocking of my own :D


  2. ah u r one of the those who always carry away :) give me the number of ur colleagues who painstakingly store only to loose stuff...

  3. no i use it and give it back immediately :D I dont keep i dont take :D


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