Saturday, 12 July, 2008

How I spent this week: 6th to 11th July 2008

Since lately I have become a crybaby and crib endlessly about my boring life, I have decided to bring some facts to my attention and realize that my life is not so boring.

So every Saturday I have decided to fill this “How I spent this week” questionnaire which will show me and of course you all how happening my life is:

Books I read: Rereading ‘Three Men In A Boat’

Movies I saw: Bombay to Bangkok (half), Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Music I heard: Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Shopping/purchases done: Train tickets to go home and phone top ups.

Gifts received: A saree (Pune cotton) and a lovely salwar kameez suit (Katha Stitch) piece sent over by my parents.

Food Consumed: Karim’s khana, paan from Prince, hot chocolate fudge from Nirula’s, home cooked food at my cousin’s place in C.R. Park, sandwiches, cold coffee, chocolate chip muffin and jelebis.

Restaurants Graced: Karim’s, the old Delhi one; some dhaba on the Grand Trunk Road, Karim’s, the Nizamuddin one, China Hut & Kadmi Dukan in Bhogal market, Hawkers, Jangpura extention.

Friends/relatives/acquaintances/enemies I hanged out with: Anubha, Jayshree, Aparna, Anant, Aatreyee (all from work), cousins, uncle, nephew & niece.

Travel: Sonepat District Court

On the phone with: Swati—my one and only phone sweetheart.

Anything substantial at work: Helped in recruitment, which I usually do not do.

Harmful activities: Ate a hell lot mostly Mughlai, other than that this week has been relatively harmless.

Anything creative: Just wrote in this blog, set the blog layout, added the header picture which I am totally in love with and took a couple of silly photographs in office.

Sadness/depression/head & heart ache: Severe depression on Monday.

Hilarious stuff: Had a crazy lunch session with Smriti, Rekha, Aatreyee, Sumitha, Vipin.

Any off beat activity: Dance on the terrace during rains on Tuesday night while all of Jangpura was asleep or so we hope.

Future plans: Planning to pick up a diamond nose ring in August, visit Kamla Market to pick up Mosabear vcds in September and also go visit Ajmeer Sharif.

Severe Loss: Lost my silver nose ring, it just fell off while I was in the market.

Highlight of the week: Meet my cousin and uncle who had come over from Kolkata.

N.B. This muffin pic is taken from Thoug there were loads of pictures of muffins in Google, this one looked the yummiest.

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