Thursday, 3 July, 2008

My Crazy Family Continues : Crazy Cousin Kissa

Now those of you read the first part of my crazy family, you already know that my family is slightly, ok no a lot, unhinged. But we are harmless sort of mad, so its ok.
I grew up with two cousins, one is a sister Rima who is just 2 months elder to me, living about 5/6 houses away and the other cousin is a brother Amit, three years younger to Rima and me. Now these two, though they lived in seperate houses, used to visit our house every afternoon. We were a three some, a group of our own-- Rima, Amit and me Tinku. There were elder cousins busy with their own lives, and not really interested in giving us entry into their lives or group and younger ones like my brother whom we used to block out.
While really young like Rima and me were five years and Amit two, we had a huge tussle over what game to play. Rima and me, we loved pretending to be teachers, we would get water in cups pretending to be driking tea, wrap a towel around us pretending that towel to be a saree and then start teaching and replicating what our teachers did in school. But for so much teaching you need students, where to get those? Dolls hardly made interesting students. So we used to make Amit be a student, now poor two year old Amit was hardly interested in learning addition and substraction. So he got into a deal with us, he would be our obidient student while we have to be his obedient mistresses while he gets to be a dog. Now Amit was dog obsessed as a kid while dreaming of dogs his biggest ambition in life was to be a doggy himself. He even named himself Tommy. On our part we had to take Tommy out for a walk, feed him biscuits and give him water to drink. Now sometimes Rima and I used to forget and keep eating the biscuits ourselves, then Tommy would bark really loaudly and we would remember. Sometimes we would never what Tommy's barks meant, so poor Amit had to revert to a human being and explain to us.
Seems like all this happened just yesterday but actually ages have passed and now Amit is a respectable married man, who blushes everytime you remind him this.

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