Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Three Mistakes of My Life...

Finished reading Chetan Bhagat's latest a few weeks back, have been meaning to write about it and finally here it is. Bhagat has picked up a very pertinent topic . I have always wondered how the young Gujratis dealt with the violence during and after the roits. Like any sane Indian, I am extremely ashamed of the fact that communal violence still continues to occur in my country. And somehow at the back of my mind I keep thinking if people, especially the educated youth tried a little harder they could have deflated the situation. I know it is wistful thinking, but there you go. Reading this book suddenly made me realise that the Gujrati youth was equally caught unaware like the rest of us, of all the violence that was to be unleashed. So far most of the stuff that has come out on the Gujrat riots be it Godhra Tak, Final Solution or Parzania-- all have been from the victim's point of view, Bhagat's book talks about victimization of the aggressor ( Omi whose relative was one of the key unleasher of violence, dying).
I think as a nation our wounds are far from healing, we need to read/see/talk more on these issues.
As usual Bhagat wrote the book very tightly and all his three books are have-to-be-finished-one night material. I have read all of them-- the common thing is that he concerntrates on the youth and more specifically on the Indian youth. People keep comparing his books and giving them points, but that is not fair to the books or to the author. I think all three are special in their own ways and worth reading.
Special thanks to Rupa who is publishing the books and making them so affordable without compromising on the quality. For the first time I think in Indian publishing history we have got bestsellers within hundred rupees (I bought mine for Rs 86 only). I have decided to buy all Bhagat's books and encourage Rupa to keep up their good work. If more publishing houses did this, all this piracy would stop.

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  1. Just to tell you that I agree with your views here......have something coming from my end on the riots. Hoping it will be cathartic for me....you will know what I mean when you read. Have this book at home but have not yet got down to reading it....will do soon


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