Monday, 21 July, 2008


What do you do when suddenly in the middle of a busy Monday morning you get a panic attack?
You abruptly realize that your life is passing and that too very fast and most of the things you wanted to do in life you haven’t even started planning them. Just dreaming doesn’t achieve things, boss.
If I tell my mom, she will scold me to begin with and then say something along this line “don’t underestimate the things you have achieved, the work you are doing and please be patient. The problem with you all is that you are always in a terrible hurry; as a result you loose focus” et al.
How can I explain to ma that none of the things, which I meant to achieve at least partially by 30, I haven’t even started? She with her years of experience always preaches patience and I am really short on that virtue.
Checklist of the top 10 things I would like to accomplish/do before I turn 40.
Find my soul mate--not achieved.
Get married--not yet.
Have children (minimum two)-- none.
Adopt children (minimum one)-- none.
Build a home--no.
Do something to preserve Indian arts & crafts—my favourites are Indian handloom stuff--nothing.

Fight against demolition of Indian bazaars to give way to antiseptic malls--nothing.
Do something really substantial work wise--long way to go.
See the world—travel--not even 1%.
Get rich-- hmmmmmmmmppppppppppppp.
Now do you realize why I feel so blue?


  1. I find your blog very calming and really nice. How did you get to mine? as for all these things you want to achieve before you are 40...there will always be something that prevents you from achieving it, that just means the universe has other goals for you to achieve before you are 40... Love and light

  2. thanks jell, you are really kind...

  3. Hey your friend Jell has already said all that I wanted take heed Suchi. And you are only thirty.....I married and had my babies only after that.....


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