Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

One More Time...

Ok I know I must be going on and on about rainy days, but what to do, I do love the rains. On sunny and slow afternoon like today day dreaming about rains helps me keep awake and cheers me up. Last Sunday around mid morning suddenly the rains came. I was alone at home making some green tea. I went out with my tea in the terrace and got wet to my heart's content. Hemanta Mukherjee's eei meghla
din ee ekla ( I know I have spoken about this song also much too often, another of my favourite things) was playing loudly. Our terrace looks beautiful during the rains.
Saturday also I got wet with Smriti. We made ourselves some green tea and then I took some photos of Smriti in the rain. Had a lovely time.
Am sure all our neighbours think Anubha, Jayshree and me, we all three are mad and I am the maddest.
Our neighbours are really curious about us and our assembly. Somehow we dont fit into the neighbourhood. Not that we care. It is predominantly a family kind of place. Starting from the small press walleka ladka (the boy who comes to deliver our pressed clothes from the neighhood's press man) to our next door grocery shop owner to our maid to our landlady everyone is dying to know why we are not married and when we will do so. And when boys/men friends come visiting, curious eyes agog with thousand questions never leave us.
Talking about neighbours, a funny thing happened. Jayshree's uncle came visiting last to last week. He asked for our flat downstairs and someone apparently told him "oh that house where the three fat girls live?". Jayshree has gone to shock state since then. Beechari as it is she is sooo cautious and careful about what she eats and always trying to diet and excercise. Horror of horror she gets branded as fat. Poor dear has stopped eating (almost, she is suriviving on spinach) these days while Anubha and me, we are on yummy cakes and muffins and cheese bread.


  1. Poor Jayshree. This country seems to be taking its new found health fad to a new extreme. Oh the amount of people who have commented about my addition of pounds......Ditch it yaar is my attitude. I am a good person and therefore the more there is of me the better it is......
    Would have loved to join you guys on the terrace in the rain

  2. u know my whole family is fat...we cant help it we are structed like that...anyways one funny thing...when i was a kid one of my aunts ( i have an assortment of 14 aunts/buas from my father's side of the family, they all played very important role in my growing up) once told me that if someone ever comments on ur figure just say "tere baap ke kha ke nehi hyun hoon main"...my brother was present...he immediately said, ok so what if i ask? :)


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