Friday, 25 July, 2008

Home Alone

No, I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about ME. Both my flat mates have left for a human rights meeting in Sangli which is in Maharastra. And I am left alone. The whole Friday evening stretches out right in front of me like the Bay of Bengal, no a bay can never explain the depth/enormity of my emptiness, so maybe the Indian Ocean. Yeah if any water body can do proper justice to this emptiness it would be a ocean.
Hmmm now that the depth of the emptiness of my evening has been established, I feel that I can wallow a bit in self pity. Mmmmmm self pity can be quiet fun, what say? Should ask the Virgoes, they are best at it. Wow dont attack me, dear Virgoes, as you know I love some of you. My best friend from Kolkata is a Virgo afterall, so is one of my favourite cousin sisters.
Its really funny isnt it, just last Sunday all I wanted was so be left alone and be with myself. And today, barely six days later I am complaining to be left alone. Can I blame this vacilation on my Libran self? But I am tired of shifting blames and in one of the rare owning up moods. So what the hell I am this changeable and this is me, not the Libran me or any other, just me.
I leave you with a Calvin quote. "Life is full of surprises but never when you need one."


  1. i so agree with calvin :)


  2. I think the scales deff have an influence. I cans ay this because I know those scales all too well...snap!!! Fellow Libran

  3. oh yes calvin is a gem of a master his one liners better though than the rambling ones...

  4. hey nice to meet a fellow libran ;)

  5. actually you know on second thoughts i should have guessed after reading the piece you wrote about the old couple in ur blog...that smelled like libra sensitivity all the way through...:)
    ok this reads extremely senseless...jut for some direction... i am talking to jell...


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