Sunday, 20 July, 2008

By Myself...

Today I am spending a Sunday just like Sundays should be spent according to me--being totally lazy and not a serious or worrisome thought in my head. I was home the whole morning, woke up very late (with our maid coming in at 6.30 am late sleeping is a thing of the past, thankfully today she didn't come), ate a hearty brunch, almost finished my book (The Afghan). Now I am in office (come in briefly), eating a chocobar ice cream which is dripping all over my table and trying to write this post. Plan to go to my cousin's house in the evening-- need a dose of my nephew (miss him) and some home cooked food.
Today was/is nothing remarkable. But it is the mundane that I am craving for today. Today I just wanted to be by myself. Jayshree is also at home. But she is a very restful soul to be around, she never bothers or encroaches when I am in one of these moods of mine. For every hectic weekend, spent crazily socialising/shopping/going out/partying I need these occasional mundane weekends to keep me sane.
When I was young I used to think that when I grow older I will party every weekend and have a blast. Now that I am not so foolish, I realise partying is not the key to happiness but doing what you really want to do, when you want to do it and where you want to do it, is. And there are days which you just don't want to spend with others, not even on the phone or do anything extraordinary or even fun for that matter. Days when you just want to be left alone and spend it with yourself.
Many people I know complain that they cannot be alone. Even my mom has the same view. She thinks that I am extremely anti-social hence my need for space to be with myself. What I cant explain to my mom is that when I am interacting 24/7 with people, my head gets cluttered and somehow I feel I am loosing connection with myself. After days/weeks of such cluttering, I need a day or two to myself, to sort out my thoughts (mostly done unsubconsciously), rest, do things which I enjoy like reading and sooner or later I am raring to be with others.
Is that so strange?
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  1. No it is not so strange and I totally empathize with you. You will find many such kindred souls across the world. And thank goodness I resisted the urge to call you yesterday. I thought of you and wanted to call but for some reason decided to let you be.


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