Sunday, 27 July, 2008


For someone like me who is always so talkative or in this context write-active, I really don't know how to write the next couple of sentences. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog.
This is sounding really bad and to boot I know I am not making much sense. So better start from the beginning. I have this childhood friend, she is the first friend I ever made in this world and before us our mothers were/are childhood friends. Now she is an extremely busy Ph.D fellow working with cancer cell and devoted her entire life studying those cells. We hardly ever talk, but get regular updates through our mother's. The other day she suddenly told me that she has been reading my blog regularly and enjoying it. I was stunned, of all my friends she was the last person I expected to read me. But she does and so does one of her colleague in her lab.
Thanks so much. I am really touched. So much so that the entire next day I could not write anything. I kept feeling what if I write utter crap and disappoint my friend? Finally got tired of this feeling and shook it off.
Then Muthu wrote me an email. One of her friends also reads me regularly. What? Me? I mean I know I do not make much sense most of the time and people actually take some time out to read me? How lovely, how surprising and how awe inspiring. Needless to say I was touched, promptly turned all red in my face-- utterly happy, utterly embarrassed and utterly directionless as to how I should behave.
Have been toying how to express my gratitude to my silent readers and now making a hash out of it big time.
Since I am into this thanks giving mode as if I have won an Oscar, ok no a Brooker would be more fitting in this context (as if), let me thank my other invisible readers like Smriti, Apoorva, Shantanu, Swetali, Vardhan, Swati, Sonal, Anasua, Angira, Rekha, Aparna, Anant...
And also the regular ones with powerful comments like Hamid and Payal (heavent heard from you in a long time buddies), Anubha, Muthu, Sharanya, Jell...
Thanks guys are all your encouragements...I do really appreciate the fact that in this busy day and age you actually take time out to read me. Makes me feel really humble.

N.B. I am sorry if I left out anyone, it was totally unintentional.


  1. aapko ye kya hogaya :) itna senti senti kyun hogaye monday morning :)

  2. no sharanya this is sunday sentiment :)

  3. no sharanya this is sunday sentiment :)

  4. aaa excuse me all this thank u shank u is fine... what do i get for a treat?? only then will i remotely feel thanked, so kindly get into action.

  5. and i thot the garlic n cheese masala bread was for that purpose...:)


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