Thursday, 31 July, 2008

Laughter Therapy...

Something has been bothering me a lot lately, have been fighting over it with my parents (phone fights are really funny, and you can hardly go on fighting forever, sooner or later I start laughing at the most absurd things my mom says, will share all that some other time) and generally feeling shitty. To make matters worse my horrible friends in office have been teasing me quiet ruthlessly. As it is now a days, I dont feel like working, this has added another dimension to the demotivation. After lunch was sitting in office with a long face and was about to get into big time self pity when my cousin brother called. Trust brothers to make light of situations. He took it upon himself to make me laugh and for about twenty minutes kept on and on. What he said was utter nonsense, but eventually I had to see the funnier side of the matter and start laughing. Usually I try not to have personal conversations from office (cos already I spend way too much time on the internet) but today I just didnt care. Soon enough I was giggling so hard that others were giving me looks like "abhi to glumpy face banake bathithee, ab kya ho gaya?" types. Already I feel so much better. Thank you Srimata...ok today I will call you Srimantadada (we have a huge tussle whenever I call him by his name, he demands full respect, big brothers are big bullies). Another one in my family who would not bother to read, but what the heck.

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