Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

White on White

While browsing through the bumper stickers in my Facebook I came across this one. Looking at this stick took me back to my childhood days. As a child I never could figure out what the white crayon or colour pencil was always included in every pack. It bothered me immensely that I could not get any colour out of it. Then I had the brilliant idea of using the white crayon on black papers. Then it looked way better.


  1. Suchi.....a lot of us have had similar thoughts about the white crayon. It lay there as bright as can be and in its own way urged us to think of ways to use it and bring out its potential. Only it took us time to see it that way......now if we could only translate this learning for children with disabilities.....

  2. muthu what a lovely thought...well the struggle is on...the struggle to care and appreciate and accept of course...

  3. I don't know abt the crayons, but white pastels are there for a reason. When you paint layers, white pastel brings out the shine.


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