Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Note: For All my Orkut Friends

Dear Orkut Friends,
I am writing this out of a very vague possibility that some of my Orkut friends may come to my blog. Something has happened to my orkut account, I cannot scrap, accept ot delete friends or anything from it for the last two/three days.
Dont know when this situation is going to improve.
Till then,


  1. @suchi

    Dont install any scripts. Uninstall the scripts which you have installed.

    The so called 'Orkut Theme Scraps' can cuse this issue because they automate scrapping from your account hence orkut freezes your account for a while.

    This may return to normal in 8-10 hours if you follow the instructions above.

    Let me know if you face any other issue.

  2. thanks gaurav, the problem has been sorted out...it was in my comp and not in my orkut profile...


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