Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Delhi Darshan: Humayun's Tomb

Location: Humayun's Tomb, New Delhi
Ambience: Simply superb. You would hardly except at the heart of Delhi in the Nizamuddin area there would be such a beautiful and serene spot. The area is pretty huge and really good for a walk.
Timing: I went in the evening with Jessica, my volunteer friend from VSO in the evening. We walked from Bhogal to the Tomb, it took us about 20 mins or so. So by the time we entered the Tomb the sun was setting. And the place looked so serene in the dusk.
Sorry the photos are a bit hapazardly uploaded.


  1. Wow. Isn't it wonderful that we can feel so peacefull and happy around the dead and in cemetary, yet the movies would have you believe it is a place for bad and evil things. The pics are beautifull and I miss India very much and would love to go back again.

  2. hey jell...that is not really true u know...jessica and me, we spent most of our time outside in the gardens, we ventured inside very briefly and then since it was getting dark hurriedly got out...not much of a tomb person, would be nervous inside alone even in the afternoons and definitely would hate the spookiness in the evening....
    well you are always welcome :)


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