Thursday, 24 July, 2008

I Want To...

I know you are going to think I am completely unhinged after you read the following. There is a limit to how long can a person hide the truth. Mine comes out of the bag now…
On such days when I get so thoroughly bored with life and myself I wish I had multiple personalities. And I do not think it is a disorder at all. If I want to have multiple personalities like I have many shoes, it is no one’s business, but my own. And just like these shoes I could wear any personality according to my mood that day. You know I am in bitchy mood, so I become the bitch that day. I know personalities are hardly that black and white. Just wanted to give an example. I could get up in the morning and think to myself ‘Ok so who am I today? Do I be Rita? Nooo I was Rita just last Saturday, so let me be Razia. No today is Monday and Mondays are always tough on Razia, so lets be Jane. Jane the ever so efficient, never lets anything faze her, not even Mondays.’ So I go out to face the world Monday morning, being the efficient Ms Jane and have a good workday. In the evening I come back home, plain Jane takes a back seat and the sensual Ayesha goes on a hot date with a hot man (urghhhhh sounds like Horlicks). This is how it should go ideally. Now how many personalities will I have? I think twenty is a manageable number, what say?
Apart from this I have another wish. I want to travel time and live in different ages. Dear God please give me permission to do that. I would love to live the lives of some of the famous personalities in history and also just live in certain times and civilizations.
If I had my way (Note: Since I am headlong rushing into list making lest God is listening to me and is in the mood to grant me a wish or two, the chronological orders may be wrong, also some are fictional characters)--

I want to be born in Machu Pichu and be one of the mighty Inca ladies and wear some of their beautiful gold jewelry;

I want to be a Celtic priestess;

I want to be born in ancient Greece and be part of the Oracle of Delphi;

I want to be a Roman princess and fall in love with one of the gladiators and see him fight in the Colosseum with the crowds thundering on;

I want to an Egyptian, no not a princess this time, just a commoner sail by Nile and gaze upon the pyramids;

I want to be one of the Chinese emperors after the Great Wall was built and wallow in luxury secure in the knowledge that the Mongols would not come;

I want to be born in Mohenjo Daro and have lunch at the great granary, bath at the public baths and live in one of those well ventilated houses and visit Harappa occasionally;

I want to be born a mathematician in the Vedic period and live a liberated life;

I want to be Panchali of Mahabharata and have five husbands;

I want to be Ashoka and also his daughter Sanghamitra who being a princess went to Ceylon as a missionary to spread Buddhism;

I want to be the beautiful Helen of Troy;

I want to be an Amazonian warrior woman;

I want to be a trader crossing the Silk Route following the steps of Babar;

I want to be Razia Sultana of the Sultanate period;

I want to be both Machiavelli and Michelangelo;

I want to be Queen Elizabeth 1 of England and her cousin the Queen Anne of Scots;

I want to be Josephine to Napolean;

I want to be Sindbad and sail the seas;

I want to be one of the Bronte sisters;

I want to be a timeless yogi in the Himalayas;

I want to be a secret revolutionary in Bengal, fighting the British out of India.

I want to be a wicked witch;

I want to be a Roma gypsy;

I want to be a fisherman in Padma catching the prized illish of the monsoon.

This list can go on, but I need to stop right. Already I feel cheerful and not so bored, like in my mind I traveled to all these places and been some of those characters.


  1. You have captured the secret in your last few lines. I think we all HAVE already got mulitple personalities in us and use them all from time to time. Further, the mind is the most powerful weapon against boredom. You can be any of these people and in any civilisation, if you believe it and travel in your mind. Its a great feeling.

  2. aaa......just wondering... u planning to come back home for dinner na? as suchi or as ??? just let me know so Im prepared. okay bye.

  3. thanks jell...yeah things we do to keep ourselves entertained when external entertainments fail...;)

  4. well ms anubha i plan to come back home today as me, and if i decide to come back as someone else, i will ring the bell and say "tanya has come visting you" so you know whom u r talking to....:)


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