Saturday, 26 July, 2008

My Claim to Petting...

I was reading in Jell's blog about his two dogs Lucca and Leche. He is so attached to them and such a proud parent, that for the first time in my life I felt missing something because I don't have any pets. Then my gaze fell on this little fellow. He is a little doggy who nods his head rather sadly at me from time to time. He was given to me by my friend/colleague Anant suddenly one day. He is a no fuss pet, sits quietly on my desk, between my computer monitor and telephone. In summer when the ceiling fan is on, he even nods his head. In winter I tickle him to make him nod his head. People come over to my desk and play with him. Several times he had been carried over to other desks. Sometimes some colleague's kids had taken possession of him. But somehow I have been able to retrieve him and get him back to my desk. I have a rather tenuous hold on me and mine. Just last week one of my colleague has been asking me if she can take him home for her son. I flatly refused. No way am I going to give up my little doggy.


  1. Sometime, when I come home to a house that is upside down, or when I leave and I can hear my babies crying for me....I think it would be better to have a pet like yours.... ;-)

  2. am sure everyone and everything in this world has his/her and its use :)


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