Saturday, 19 July, 2008

How I spent this week: 12th to 18th July 2008

Books I read: Still rereading ‘Three Men In A Boat’, half read ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ (cant take living in flower houses in my present mood) and finishing ‘The Afghan’.
Movies I saw: The Kite Runner, going to see Kismat Connection today, didn’t get tickets yesterday.
Music I heard: FM, too lazy to switch on my lappie (I call my laptop lappie something like puppy since at point I used to haul it everywhere with me, not anymore).
Shopping/purchases done: A pair of nice cream coloured heels (evening wear) and some long tees.
Gifts received: Leather purse from Ms. Angira Sensarma (the Delhi best friend).
Food Consumed: Karim’s khana (yet again), non-veg platter, double cheese pizza and hot chocolate fudge from Nirula’s, 5 Star Chocolate, Vietnamese noodles, Subbway sandwiches and salad (roasted chicken), Chinese Chat (Delhi’s new cuisine discovery), moong dal halwa, jeeleebis and besan ka laddu from Kadmi Dukan (lately after lunch we have taken to eating sweets in office), Irish sweets brought by our new Irish intern in office (sweet girl she is).
Restaurants Graced: Karim’s, the Nizamuddin one, Subway (Khan Market), The Kitchen (Khan Market), China Hut & Kadmi Dukan (Bhogal market), Golden Bakery (Lajpat Nagar Central Market from which the Chinese Chat came) and of course my regular China Hut.
Friends/relatives/acquaintances/enemies I hanged out with: Angira (JNU),Colin, Anubha, Jayshree, Aparna, Anant, Aatreyee (work), chatted with Muthu, Sonal and Vardhan.
Travel: Sonepat District Court yet again.
On the phone with: Swati—my one and only phone sweetheart.
Anything substantial at work: New job profile: Bengali to English translator.
Harmful activities: Yup…(gulp) loads…sorry…no hold on…ok what the hell am an adult… so no sorry…
Anything creative: Just wrote in this blog. Photographed Ms Sexy Sen Sarma in her new ultra slim avatar. Photos have come out really well (pat, pat my shoulders). Designated Sonal and Muthu my angels, since my heaven designated one is still absconding. In case you are wondering who Sonal is, she is a cute 20 year old, wannabe lawyer, who interned with me during summer and landed being my favourite due to her intelligence, diligence and sweetness. Muthu is an ex colleague and a present friend who has hit on the idea that God has not one angel but an army of angels for me. So made her the head of that army.
Sadness/depression/head & heartache: Lil doses here and there.
Hilarious stuff: Don’t know whether this can be hilarious—now a days with regards to Anubha I am behaving like those slander spilling gossip magazines—I just hint what she is at and then without committing any major hara kiri stop…much to Anubha's chargin.
Any off beat activity: Aatreyee, Anubha, Jayshree and me went out for dinner with super boss Colin (Aatreyee went upto him and just demanded that we be taken out). Had a really good time, did not talk shop even once, updated Colin on all the office happenings (like who is flirting with whom…ta da!) and the rest of the gossips!
Future plans: Angira plans to go to Tashkent after submitting her Ph.D. to learn the Russian language and I plan to accompany her, by hook or by crook and we plan to travel in Asia Minor. Fat plans, no money: so immediate plan is to save money, as in from yesterday.
Severe Loss: Mental stability.
Highlight of the week: Spent quality time with Angira on Saturday and Sunday, happened after a long time, we spoke non-stop.

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