Sunday, 13 July, 2008

Rainy Sundays...

Do rains bring a smile to your face? They certainly do to me. When the sky gets cloudy and ready to rain I feel so good I cant tell you. It is almost like I was a peacock or a frog in my last birth. In case you are wondering at this obscure comparison, both these animals supposedly love rains.
I miss Kolkata and the long monsoon we have back home and everything associated with it: rain falling throughout the night and you fall asleep with the certainty that tomorrow is going to be water logged, the water logging, kids playing in the water, the rainy days at school, going home in rickshaw, cars passing by splashing water making you soaking wet, the inevitable gali (abuse: ki dada dekhe chalan: hey mister watch and drive) that follows, the khichuri my mother makes, fresh illish maach (hilsa fish: in this I am a total disappointment to the West, I love illish more than the bangals do) in the market, beguni and aloorchop songe cha bekel bela (brinjal and potato fries with tea in the afternoon), clothes half dry being soaked by a sudden torrent of rain and an extremely irritated and grumbling mother…
Another aspect of monsoon for me is the long queues outside college. If you have studied in Kolkata, the important results all come out in June/July (or at least they did in ancient times when I was a student) and then long queues outside colleges start. I have been part of many a queue and got wet with friends. Now a days when I pass such queues and see young people having fun/grumbling/ feeling tensed and worried, I almost feel like telling them ‘hey we all go through this phase, don’t worry everything is going to be ok and just enjoy and cling onto it as long as possible”.
When I initially moved to Delhi, its sheer dryness used to make me feel nauseated. But this year Delhi or more precisely Delhi weather has been really sexy and there have been some lovely rains. Today was one such day. I love rains any day, but on Sundays they are extra special.
Enjoy the rainy Sunday.

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