Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Bored with the SAME...

Same office,
Same work,
Same friends, (thankfully),
Same indulgences,
Same hangouts,
Same entertainments,
Same jokes,
Same talks,
Same hopes,
Same aspirations,
Same ideas,
Same ideals,
Same space,
Same frustrations,
Same fears,
Same identity,
Same appearance;
And worst of all SAME ME!
Oh so boring…


  1. abey oye!!so do something baby to change this same!!!

  2. Same na no no...:) go have a make over and then you will be no more same you.

    I am planning some funky streaking this weekend :D lets see how different ill get :P

  3. anubhaaa chk my will give u some idea what i am after....

  4. sharanya done all that physical changes like streaking, tweaking....doesnt help...excitement vanishes after sometime....leaving behind same deflated feeling....:(

  5. but i think i should add same appearances too...thanks sharanya...


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