Wednesday, 23 July, 2008

India of the Commons Relieved...

Without going into the nuke debate, I am happy that the UPA government won the confidence motion. Happy to wake up and see the papers. I am sure millions of common Indians are as relieved as I am. Another election preparation immediately would have been an economic death knoll for the poor and the middle class.
The communists ever since Indians discovered that ism have proved to be unreliable and irresponsible and in all the instances in history the reason for government's downfall. They do not have the power to do anything constructive, just destroy. Don't even start to think of giving the example of West Bengal as achievement. WB has elite rule, not communist and a bloody big mess it is, even without Singur and Nandigram.
And who is going to be the next PM of India? Advani? So that we have some more communal violence in the name of Ram? The very thought is immensely scary. 'They' make India shine through burning her. Time Indians realised.


  1. Attagirl......I love the line - "They" make India shine through burning her - so much that I am going to shamelessly quote/copy it. And yes I totally agree with doubts there......People tell me about the development work that "They" have done and I don't give a rat's ass because all that "good work" is still tainted with the blood of the innocents......And my kids are a constant reminder of what had happened. Sorry Suchi for ranting like this in your space....

  2. muthu dear rant on...this is our space for all the rantings :)


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